Have a lovely day -or two- with Vekka Tours

Vekka Tours offers a varied selection of trips for a day, overnight or longer. Something interesting for everyone: culture, nature, shopping and getting to know local specialities. Our trip starting and ending points are mainly in Hämeenlinna but connective routes between Helsinki and Tampere are possible. Detailed routes you’ll find in each introduction.

Minimum turnout for our trips is usually 20 – 25 / trip. For popular consert and theatre trips we have a limited amount of tickets for sale so be fast to book Yours.
If you are interested in destination or timing which we yet don’t have in our selection – please contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss and plan Your trip with you. Vekka Tours busses are also available for transportations only if you already have your day planned.

Take it slow in Häme

Häme region is our main playground and it has a lot to see and experience! History, culture, beautiful nature and laid back people. We gather the best tourism operator services from the area and offer them to our customers to enjoy.

The rest of Finland

Organizing trips outside Häme region is no stranger to us either;
culture events, sightseeing, shopping or hiking – everything is possible!

Take a look at our selection and book yours

Choosing and booking Vekka Tours trip is easy from our shop. If you have guestions or would like to discuss about planning your own trip for your group, please call or contact us by email and we’ll be happy to help you!