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Vekka Tours – Tour operator & Travel agency in Lakeland Finland

We at Vekka Tours offer guided group tours and travel packages in Finland and our expertise is at Häme region (Lake Finland). Our hand-picked selection of tours includes variety of different prepared guided day trips for larger groups and for individuals to purchase directly from our online store. We are also more than happy to assist to create your own personalized tours and trips in Finland according to your preferences and needs. Feel free to contact us for any questions or inquiries on travelling inside of our amazing and diverse country of thousand lakes!

Vekka Tours was launched by charter operator Vekka Liikenne (Tähän linkki? Lisää luotettavuutta) to provide and market sustainable travel services in Finland with over 85 years of experience in transportation, charter bus operation and in organizing travel services all around Finland.

Häme region is part of Lake Finland area and the capital is Hämeenlinna, it is situated only 100 kilometers from Helsinki and has a lot to offer! Enjoy Finland’s amazing nature in many National Parks or visit the home of Finnish Glass Design in Iittala to many more interesting places to explore and experience. We have prepared several tour packages to choose from to suit everyone’s preferences.

We are operating in Hämeenlinna, which is situated 100 kilometers, or 1 hour, from Helsinki and Tampere. That makes us a great travel partner for your needs to explore Finland’s nature, lakes, serenity and more just outside of Helsinki.

We would be more than happy to become your partner in business & corporate travel or your local destination management company (DMC). See the For Partners tab/page for further details.

Häme has a lot to offer. We have gathered together and selected all the best services and destinations provided by our partners!