A fine day in Hattula

A fine day in Hattula

A fine day in Hattula



Welcome to spend a refreshing day at Hattulas top sights. Leap into historical journey and relax midst of nature of
this beautiful neighbor of Hämeenlinna.


09.30 am:
Kings and Emperors. We stop in the historic location from the Russian era, where the emperor Alexander II inspected his military forces and made an imperative for improving the status of Finnish language in year 1863.

10.00 am:
The Armor Museum. Prior to guided tour we enjoy start up coffee at the museum cafeteria. The Armor Museum exhibits the history and development of armored warfare in Finnish military forces and pays a tribute to Finnish soldiers and Finnish courage and mentality – Sisu – when faced with an overwhelming enemy in the World War II.

11.30 am:
The Church of Holy Cross. The Church of Holy Cross is the oldest church in Häme. During the Middle Ages it was a popular target for pilgrimages and was known also abroad. Nearby the church we will also visit a store selling products of local artists and craftsmen.

1 pm: (13.00)
Buffet lunch at Hotel Resort Petäys in the beautiful peninsula of Tyrväntö. Tour continues by the new church of towards Tyrväntö and Petäys Resort. After the lunch there is time for refreshing with different outdoor sports and to enjoy the natural sights.

3 pm: (15.00)
The Metsäkylä Stables. This location is well known from various TV-programs as a heaven of antiquities and antique-styled items. Discover wonderful decoration items and ideas. Spot the alpacas strolling across the yard. The yarn made from their wool is sold in the store. The Mansion of Metsäkylä is definitely a place worth visiting!

16.30 pm:
Have a safe and happy journey back to home!

Tip: Why not order an afternoon coffee break for your group for instance at Aulanko park?

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76 e/person – minimum of 20 person in a group. The price does not include bus transportation. The offer for transportation is given based on the location from where the participant is starting the tour.

Contact us for further information or ask an offer for your