Craftsmanship in Humppila

Craftsmanship in Humppila

Craftsmanship in Humppila


To see and to experience is our motto for Humppila area. Known well for its glass blowing tradiotions, shopping mall, variety of ateljés, museum railway and lovely cultural and artistic area of Urpola Manor. We welcome you with us on this one day journey through it all!


9:00 am Morning coffee and small breakfast at the Urpola Manor while learning the interesting history of the Manor. We continue to explore the Urpola Weaving mill & Gallery, Tilkkutex-shop and an amazing Vikingsauna.

From Urpola Manor we head to beloved ceramist and professor Heljä Liukko-Sundströms artistic ateljé – Ateljé Heljä. This 80 year old artist is still full of inspiration and joy. In her ateljé is a noteworthy collection of her artwork, which have been displayed all the way in New York, Tokyo and Bristol.

12:30 pm Lunch at Cafe Lasikello in the old Humppila glass factory which was established in 1952 by Helander brothers and worked in this property from 1971. Nowdays this old glass factory works as a shopping mall with a few dozen shops of lifestyle, fashion and more. Nextdoor you’ll find popular ”Kenkämaailma” – shoe store of 15 000 pairs of shoes for men and women.

14:30 pm Work demonstration in Taidetakomo

Tuuli Wirman graduated with major in metalwork in 1998. She has established her own metal smithery ”Taidetakomo” and an artshop in Humppila. We will see Tuulis handicrafting and forging skills in action and have little time for shopping.

Humppila glass tower where you can enjoy a cup of coffee and buy tasty souvenirs is nextdoor from Taidetakomo.

On the way home we can stop by the Urjala candystore depending on the route choices of the group.


Price: 48€/person

Minimum group size is 25 persons. This price does not include the bus transportation. We gladly give you a price including the bus transportation or you can come by your own transportation.