Glassblowing workshop

Glassblowing workshop

Glassblowing workshop



Welcome to colorful and bubbly glassblowing studio in Hämeenlinna!

Here in Soda Shop Design you will get acquainted with 1100 degrees hot glass with two happy glassblowers who absolutely love their job! They’ll guide you through the glassblowing techniques and history with a smile and help everyone create their chosen glass piece with safety and joy. This is an experience for everyone!

You can create your own vase, bowl, decanter or pint using your favourite colours and if you love bubbles as much as the owners do – add a hint of baking soda!

Soda Shop studio also offers glassblowing workshops including serving if wanted.

Read more and buy a fun and unique glass experience for family and friends, collagues, groups or just for yourself!



Who and how?

Who can participate in this experience?

One or two persons or even 50 people group can come and make their own glass pieces. Anyone can do it, including children if parents are present. 1-9 people groups make a little more complicated pieces and 10-50 people groups make a little simpler and faster pieces. Contact us if you are interested in glassblowing for a bigger group.


Open all year, glassblowing experiences on Tuesday-Wednesday and Friday-Saturday. Booking beforehand.

Duration of the experience:

1 person: 45min
2 persons: 60min
3-9 person group: 20min/person
10-50 person group: 5-10min/person


Glass pieces need to be cooled down very slowly to the room temperature. You don’t get your piece with you right away. You can either come to get it from our studio about 2 weeks from the event or we can ship it to you according to the official postal fees by Posti. We have a lot of experience shipping glass safely all around the world. No worries, we will handle it!


Soda Shop Design takes care of the safety of clients and that glassworking equipment are functioning and safe. Everything is planned so that there is no danger and anyone without earlier experience can participate. We are not responsible of the participants nor do we insure them, we recommend that each participant has their own accident insurance.