Historical Hauho

Historical Hauho

Historical Hauho

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Hauho has been inhabited since the Stone Age. Most village names in Hauho date back as far as the 15th century.
The village was known for horse cart manufacturing. It is also remembered for the Pope’s ban. You will find out
more about its history during the tour.


10 am Arrival in Hauho
Your guide will meet you outside Hauhotalo, and you will have morning coffee in Wanhan Raitin Kievari.

10:30 am Church of St. John, Hauho
The grey stone church was built in the early 16th century. You will hear the story of the four squirrels, the Pope’s ban and many other events. You will then continue on foot along Vanha raitti. During the walk, you will hear about the history of the area and explore charming little alleys and yards.

12:00 pm Lunch in Iloranta
Summer 1937 was a busy time for the Rukkoila village in Hauho: The first of the Niskavuori films, “The Women of Niskavuori”, was being filmed there. The film crew stayed in local farmhouses during filming. Elin Iloranta was in charge of looking after the guests. Here you can experience the history of Niskavuori.

1:00 pm Hovinkartano
The history of Hovinkartano can be traced back to the 11th century. In the area, you can find a sacrificial stone, an Empire-style manor house from 1830 and a Jugendstyle castle from 1914. The manor house now serves as an art gallery. There is a lot to see and hear!

2:00 pm Ilosen Puutyö
The family-run business has manufactured wood products for over 60 years. They focus on modern production, eco-friendly operation, traditional models as well as unique products. You will visit the factory and shop, and will be able to buy some souvenirs to take home!

3:30 pm Afternoon coffee in Hahkiala Manor House
A lovely alley of lime trees leads to the Baroque-style manor house. After a walk in the garden, you will have afternoon coffee in the hall and finish the day with stories about the manor house.

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Price: 75/person
Minimum of 20 people in a group. The price does not include bus transportation. We will provide a quote for transportation based on your place of departure.

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