Manor Houses of Häme

Manor Houses of Häme

Manor Houses of Häme


Häme area holds one of the oldest zones of Manor Houses in Finland. The Manor culture here has its roots all the way in the medieval time altough most of the Manors have been settled between 1600s and 1700s. Manor House areas generally have large fields, gardens, parks and several beautiful old buildings. The owners were often forerunners and influencers of their time. During the day we will get to peek into the life of the Manors, taste the flavours of noble delicacies and hear the stories inside the walls.


9:00 am Our tour guide joins us in Hämeenlinna

Kirstula Manor

Kirstulas name is mentioned in the historical documenst for the first time already in 1440. The beautiful main building was built in the late 1700s by mayor Gottlieb John and his sons. Later on this estate was one of the pioneers in cultivation experiments and mire cultivation. We go through the history of Kirstula Manor together with the current owner and enjoy morning coffee in the lords parlour.

We stop by at Lepaa winery, taste few wines and liqueurs and get familiar with the process of wine making while also learning the history of Lepaa area.

12:30 pm Hahkiala Manor

In the end of green linden alley we find a baroque Manor House of Hahkiala. This historical Manor House has entertained few of the notable people of our country and during our guided tour we visit some of the rooms where e.g Sibelius has been staying. Of course we also hear a few stories of the invisible people wandering along the halls. Maginificent baroque style garden surrounds the well cared manor buildings. We also enjoy a delicious lunch buffet made by Hahkiala staff.

From Hahkiala we continue through Hauho old road to our next destination.

15:30 pm Wuolle Manor

Behind the tall spruces on a hill stands proud the Wuolle Manor. This manor is greatly different of the other two we have gotten to know by now during our day. Wuolle Manor was built in the beginning of 1900s and was originally a Villa. Through multiple changes in ownership Wuolle Manor was also used as a maternity hospital and old peoples home from 1941 to 1967. In the fine parlour of Wuolle Manor we have a moment for a coffee break before heading home.



Price: 95€/person

Minimum group size is 25 persons. This price does not include the bus transportation. We gladly give you a price including the bus transportation or you can come by your own transportation.