Mansion life and food for soul

Mansion life and food for soul

Mansion life and food for soul



Taste the mansion delicacies and enjoy the silence of the church halls during our time travel to Häme of Mansions.
The stories from the past still live in the stone walls and mansion gardens!


9.00 am: The white building of the Church of Hämeenlinna welcomes guests to the city by the Hämeenlinna Marketplace. The Church, constructed in 1798, has been inspired by the Pantheon Temple of Ancient Rome, and being one of the important architectural representatives of Kustavian classism in Finland.

10 am: The Kirstula Mansion.
The mansion dates back already to 1440’s. Impressive main building was established at the end of 18th century by mayor Gottlieb John and his sons. Their estate was later well known for their farming skills and experiments. The historical journey of this mansion and its estate is discussed through with the current owner during the pleasant afternoon coffee in the main hall of the mansion.

11.00 am: The Tiirikoski Factory.
This farm and stables used to belong to the Kirstula Mansion. Nowadays it is known as a charming decoration- and lifestyle store, being recognized in various publications of the field. We stop by for a while to enjoy the atmosphere and the offerings of the boutique.

12:00 pm: The Mansion of Inkala.
The generous buffet table is waiting for the guests in a beautiful and cozy Inkala mansion. The pearl of the mansion is it’s over 200 year old empire styled main building. The famous rustic kitchen of this mansion respects its long traditions and uses high quality local products as their ingredients.

2.30 pm: (14.30) The Church of Vanaja.
Our tour continues along the historic Hämeen Härkätie (Oxen road of Häme, a historic route connecting castles of Häme and Turku in the Middle Ages) towards the stone church of Vanaja. It is one of the smallest medieval churches in Finland. Characteristics for this church are its red bricked installations and the preaching chair installed on the outer wall.

3.30 pm: (15.30) The mural of Kantola.
To balance out the glory of mansions, the final stop of our tour is at the industrial area of Kantola in the simple Myllytupa restaurant. There is a possibility to do shopping at Vanaja cookie factory outlet. At the silos of Kantola we have an opportunity to embrace the art work by Guido van Helten – the biggest and highest mural of the Nordic Countries.

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59 euros/person –minimum of 20 persons in the group. The price does not include bus transportation. The offer for transportation is given based on the location from where the participant is starting the tour.

Contact us for further information or ask an offer for your group!