Military Häme

Military Häme

Military Häme


Hämeenlinna and its surrouding areas have already been a remarkable military training ground during the autonomous time in 1881-1901. Its location and well working railway to Helsinki made it a central defensive forces base. During the day we visit two popular military museums, learn about the Finnish war history and modern day military service.


9:30 am Tour guide greets us in the center of Hämeenlinna.

Our first stop is the Parola armoured vehicle museum which displays various tanks, armoured vehicles and anti-tank guns used by the Finnish Defence Forces throughout the Finnish history. One of the unique specialities here is an armoured train used in World War II. Before the guided tour starts, we enjoy a cup of coffee at the museum cafeteria.

Holy Cross Church

After Parola we stop by at the beautiful red brick church – Holy Cross Church in Hattula. It’s the oldest church in the whole Häme region and used to be popular pilgrimage destination. It was well-known nationally but also outside Finland and its paintings and sculptures have always fascinated visitors.

13:00 pm Petäys Resort and lunch

We continue our day towards Tyrväntö and Petäys Resort. Here in the middle of beautiful Finnish nature surrounded by lake Vanaja we enjoy generous and local lunch buffet.

15:00 pm Museum Militaria

Museum Militaria is a war and military history museum located next to Häme castle at the castle barracks. It’s praised for its presentation and interesting guided tours which we will also get to experience. Before heading home we enjoy a cup of coffee at the museum cafeteria.