The Oxen Road

The Oxen Road

The Oxen Road


The Oxen Road (of Tavastia) is a historical country and travel road from Hämeenlinna to Turku. During the day we hear many stories along the road, throughout the history. After lunch we head to nearby town, Turenki and more specifically area of Laurinmäki which has been habitated since 700s. Here can be found graveyards from the Iron age, sacrificial stones, Saint Laurence fountain, Hakoinen castle and medieval church of Janakkala. Newer layer of history is shown to us in the crofter museum, trenches and memorial statue of Tarinmaa battle.


9:00 am Departure from Wetterhoff, Hämeenlinna

Our tour guide meets us here and the timetravel through history begins. Guide takes us through the Oxen Roads rich history from the 800s to this day.

Morning coffee is served for us in the unique ”barn” Härkätien kynttlä (The Oxen Road candle) which is a place of unique decorations and stories. Lady of the house herself has baked us fresh buns to enjoy with the coffee.

Renko church – Church of Saint Jacob

Originally built in the 1400s, Renko church was taken down for a while and then built up again using the same old stones as the first time. It’s dedicated to Saint Jacob and has been widely popular among pilgrims. At the same we visit the Oxen Road museum which displays artefacts related to the Oxen road and the church of Renko.

12:00 pm Delicious three course lunch is served for us at the restaurant Tulinummi

Our day continues to Janakkala, Turenki: Laurinmäki, The Yellow House, Crofter museum and Holy Laurence Church.

We drive through a bit more rarely used route to Janakkala and arrive to Laurinmäki. Here we learn more about the Yellow house and get to know crofters lifestyle in the Crofter Museum. Depending on the schedule and the weather we also visit the neighbouring Holy Laurence church.

16:00 pm Our Oxen Road tour ends and it’s time to wish you a safe journey home


Price: 71€/person

Minimum group size is 25 persons. This price does not include the bus transportation. We gladly give you a price including the bus transportation or you can come by your own transportation.